At Skagit Art Preschool we utilize a blended, secular curriculum that is tailored to the needs of each of our age groups.

Our learning philosophy is inspired by the theories of Reggio,  Montessori and other early childhood educators that look at a child's education in a holisitic manner, and is firmly rooted in the notion that children learn best and most effectively through play. We aim to encourage and forest exploration and curiosity in our young learners, and meet them where they are and where their interests lie.

We know that educational philosophies and curriculums are not one size fits all, so our teachers are constantly learning and adapting to meet the needs of our Saplings. With the guidance of Teacher Abbi Hanson, our program coordinator, we have a robust plan for the year and we are excited to see it implemented.

Our current curriculum looks to and borrows ideas and lessons from Handwriting Without Tears, Creative Curriculum and Beyond the Page and places an emphasis on literacy and social/emotional development.